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A cheaper alternative to for load testing

Posted by . is a great alternative to using for load testing. With they take care of the software and servers distributed globally for generating the load. You just pay for the¬†pleasure! Realistically if you are load testing you want to generate substantial load. There lowest package for load testing a site that may get… Read more »

You’ve heard of a brain dump, well this is a Chrome dump.

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  Looking up at the top of my browser I seem to have quite a few tabs open. About a third of theme have been open for a few weeks, another third have only been open since yesterday and the other third only open since this morning. I’ve got some interesting content open (well I… Read more »

Data visualisation with D3

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I use graphite to keep an eye on various web server stats such as processor usage, failed web server requests etc. Although the dashboard you get with Graphite works pretty well I’ve been looking for an alternative dashboard for some time. A while back I found Graphene¬†which looks like an improvement on the Graphite dashboard… Read more »

Rackspace server bandwidth cap data and extreme costs

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Over the past few days I’ve been doing some capacity planning for the WP Sites hosting setup and as part of this I had to revisit the Rackspace cloud throughput limits. When you try to squeeze out every ounce of performance from say a 1024MB cloud server it’s quite easy to forget (Rackspace don’t actually… Read more »