Data visualisation with D3

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I use graphite to keep an eye on various web server stats such as processor usage, failed web server requests etc. Although the dashboard you get with Graphite works pretty well I’ve been looking for an alternative dashboard for some time. A while back I found Graphene which looks like an improvement on the Graphite dashboard but I’ve never used Backbone.js which it’s built on, and all you have is time series and gauges, and it’s just too dark for my liking so I never used it.

I was going to knock up my own dashboard system and use the Google chart tools API but thought I’d quickly just check for some alternatives.

D3 looks awesome. Not only can you create some really cool graphs but you can also do all sorts of data visualisations. Problem with D3 is it’s a little too low level (for my lazy ass) so each graph I want to make wouldn’t exactly be a 5 minute job.

Then I found NVD3, which gives you a pretty decent range of chart components for D3.

There is also Cubism which also uses D3 but it only gives you time series. The other thing Cubism does is integrate with Graphite. So there may be some useful code that I can merge with NVD3 to easily create a new dashboard for my Graphite data and ease me into using D3 and SVG in general.

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