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Hide admin menu items on a WordPress site

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This code hides the admin menu items for all users that don’t have the ‘manage_sites’ capability. On multisite that would mean only Super Admins can look at those menu items. This script only removes the menu items (so users can still look at the page if they know the path) but it de-clutters the admin… Read more »

Using LESS on a WordPress site, my thoughts

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To use LESS in your WordPress theme you seem to have two options: Use something like wp-less to compile your LESS files into CSS, all done server-side using PHP, with caching taken care of as not to go through that process on every page load. Or use less.js to compile the LESS into CSS in… Read more »

WordPress starter theme framework performance

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Part of the reason I’m creating this site right now is to try out a few starter themes that make use of frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation. I’ve used LESS before on a free site I created recently and I would like to explore CSS preprocessors a little further. Both of the above frameworks I mentioned… Read more »